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Sri Priime Printers has adopted standards which are based on managerial principles that develop a stable base with which to provide a complete solution to customer satisfaction, and conversely, to provide Dip-Tech with the necessary tools to enable the company to provide a solution to customer requirements so that custome satisfaction is guaranteed.


Constant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, guarding the health and safety of our employees and reducing our environmental impact are core values at Dip-Tech. Consequently, Srii Prime Printers subscribes to ISO methodologies and submits itself to regular ISO audits.

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We Sri priime printers, provider of digital in-glass printing solutions that combine the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility and quality of digital printing.

Sri priime printers provides an unmatched and field-proven solution for all exterior and interior glass printing applications, spanning a full range of artistic and functional requirements.